Digital two-way radios

Long-term rental

Recommended employment:

  • industrial plants
  • transport and logistics
  • security companies
  • producer and film crews

Digital two-way radios - features:
  • group and private communication
  • clear audio, calls recording
  • caller identification
  • text messaging
  • GPS localization
  • RFID patrolling system with localization
  • Smart dispatch center- special functions
  • safety: Man Down, emergency call

Digital two-way radios use the signal in the RADIOPOL network for their operation. The network operator bears all investment and legal obligations. User selects from wide range of radio communication services just the requisite ones. After user needs consultation the operator with his team of specialists designs the proper communication scheme. Some parameters of two-way radios can be remotely adjusted without any intervention at the user's premises (talk groups adding and removing, radio deactivation and others).

Two-ways radios rental

Because of variability and wide range of above-standard radio communication and maintenance services RENTAL is the most utilized program. We have long-time experiences with customer needs from various sectors. User gets communication without talk time limitation for a flat monthly fee. User is not concerned about hardware and can give himself entirely to his tasks. We approach users' various requirements individually. Technical parameters of settings are adapted for performed activities. User selects range of services as needed (basic and special services). Rental is open-ended, the number of two-way radios can vary according to scope of tasks to be fulfilled.

Advantages of analog or digital two-way radios rental:
  • maintenance service for two-way radios within 24 hours
  • free warranty service throughout the rental period
  • free replacement of batteries when these are finished off
  • special accessories rental
  • simple manipulation and training
  • short-term as well long-term rentals

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SALE program is used in long-term activities (24 months obligation). User shall select desired configuration of services and purchase the requisite number of two-way radios and accessories (radios prices are subsidized). User obtains maintenance service and purchase of spare accessories at the operator's premises. The flat monthly fee for the services includes communication without talk time limitation.

Customer satisfaction is basic motto of the operator. We shall advise users, provide testing and measurement and design the suitable solution. Professional two-way radio becomes a working tool that yields increased productivity, saves time and improves safety of employees. Special services solve emergency and crisis situations especially. The digital network brings in the latest technology achievements and customer-oriented applications conducive to manage processes better, easier and faster.


General terms: General terms

General terms for providing of basic and elective radio communication services in the RADIOPOL public radio network. These are valid for all analog and digital networks of the operator.

Warranty terms: Warranty terms

Technopol International, j. s. c. provides warranty for products of sales as well as products which are the subject matter of rental contracts.

Complaints rules:Complaints rules

Complaints rules have been elaborated according to the Civil Code and relate to customer products and services, where the purchaser rights regarding responsibility for faults are applied in warranty period.

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